WordPress Internal Re-targeting


WordPress Internal Retargetting is a plugin that allows you to target customers who visited your pre determined goal page(s), fell out of your sales funnel but didn’t leave your site.

Excellent plugin to improve your conversion percentage by performing a second marketing action on a user who showed curiosity but did not convert initially. The retargeting message can be a simple text link or a graphic/banner and is presented to users on your own website based on key pages they visit and abandon.

  • Retargeting offers a much higher yield in terms of click throughs.
  • Get the maximum conversions from your WordPress site visitors.

Plugin Demo: This is a goal page for the WordPress internal retargeting plugin – if you leave this page a retargeting message will be displayed in the sidebar on this website (jqueryplugins.net).

To turn off the trigger that manages the retargeting message, visit this page: https://jqueryplugins.net/how-to-turn-any-jquery-script-into-a-wordpress-plugin-basic-tutorial/

A tutorial walk-through and additional documentation will be available soon.

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