WordPress.com or WordPress.org, Which One is Better?


Hey everyone I’m Mike and today we are going to discuss whether WordPress.com or WordPress.Org is the better option for you.

Well hello everyone we’re going to just quickly review WordPress.com and WordPress.org and the important differences between the two websites and what they offer to users.

So WordPress.com, host your website as a sub domain which means your URL will look like this example.


However if you use WordPress.org it allows you to use it on a hosting provider and have a quick install rate from the hosting provider,you actually never even have to go to WordPress.org to get set up, and it wont have a sub domain, it will just be normal domain name like example.com, without this WordPress in the middle as a sub domains have.

Now if we go to WordPress.com will notice that has no plug-in access and a very limited amount of themes or templates to work with.

This is important because you want to have a lot of choices in the theme to use and choose the perfect theme or template for your website.

And WordPress.org on the other hand it has thousands of free templates and it also actually comes with paid premium themes as well that you can purchase, and you cannot do this to WordPress.com

Also you can use plug-ins and plug-ins are extremely important for WordPress websites because it gives it more functionality and more power to the website.

WordPress.org allows you to also customize and monetize your websites more easily overall. It just gives you a lot more control.

WordPress.com does have a free version but it comes with a sub domain URL, which I mentioned earlier, and it also displays annoying ads on your website, that you can’t remove unless you want to upgrade and pay the $99 per year.

And even with that upgrade you still have limitations on plug-ins and themes and things like that, that you don’t have with WordPress.org or additionally you can get started for as little as of about $12 for WordPress.org to try it out for the first month and see, that is with a hosting provider’s cost and it comes with a 45 day money back guarantee, and with this you have a lot of flexibility.

If you decide it is not for you, you can simply cancel the plan.

So if you have any questions definitely just feel free to reach out to me.

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