What Is The Best WordPress Front End Page Builder? Divi 3, Thrive, Beaver Builder, Elementor


In this post I’m going to try to answer a simple question. What is the best page builder. I’ve been personally asked this question I’ve seen other people answered this question and I’m gonna try to tackle this entire issue in this article okay so just buckle in this post might be a little longer than some of my other ones.

What I’ve done differently in this article I actually have a sheet of notes right here on the side so I can make sure that I am staying on track so first of all I want to about the problem. First the problem is it depends on who you’re asking it to so if you’re asking a friend addressing someone in a Facebook group or maybe you’re even asking some perceived WordPress guru or Internet guru.  I’m sure that people are passionate about the page builder that they have chosen to go with now some of the problem I’ve seen around this discussion revolves around the different types of users of WordPress so there’s different groups there’s people that are brand-new to WordPress and usually are the ones asking this question. There is novice users and there’s what I like to call the wordpress purists and the kind of are the ones that can be very very harsh and not even give some page builders a chance and be very harsh on their criticism.

I’ll talk more about this wordpress purist problem later in this article when I’m talking about the different page builders in some of their pros and some of their comments.

The problem I see, you have people with different skill levels but you also have people with different goals and so you just might want to have a landing page on your WordPress website that might be your goal to build an entire website with a page builder. Everyone has different goals and that’s why this question is really hard to answer because these different page builders have their own pros and cons and they have their own unique features to them so it’s a dynamic loaded question. What is the best page builder will do for WordPress is a hard question to answer authentically.

The next thing that makes this a very hard question to answer is that all of the page builders are in a different stage of development depending on when you ask income and what prompted this post is one of the largest WordPress page builder Divi just came out with a new version and they release the whole front end interface option and it’s filled with eye candy is beautiful ui design.

I’m going to talk about Divi in this article and then you might look at some of the other ones and they don’t look as pretty or they don’t have some of the same features and things like that but is important to note that every page builder is in a different stage of development.

I happen to know that two of the page builders I’m about to talk about are being completely revamped. So if I answer the question today what I think is the best page builder that answer might change tomorrow when the next version of one of these page builders is released that’s why this is a very loaded question on who you’re asking it to. I’m going to have a special page on my website that I’m keeping up to date with these different changes of the different page builders that are coming out so very hard to answer this question because of these different stages of development so in this article I want to talk about the main front end page builders for WordPress. Now you might be thinking but there’s way more than for front end page builders in their totally are and because these are the four that are going to have the most traction in WordPress and they got a development staff that strong and committed behind them. So that might change but as of writing this article there are four main page builder settlement to talk about and there’s also like of fringe ones you know like the ones that are bundled with the theme.

There’s another one called massive dynamic and it’s only bundled with the theme there is a very small use race I heard of people asked me about that and I’m not going to talk about that either because it’s just there’s no saying whether it can be around tomorrow. There’s also visual composer and they have a huge user base because it’s bundled in a lot of themes but is a very poor front and page builder and also in the WordPress repository there’s a bunch of front-end page builders trying to get market share but there are really not getting traction and they’re not really being marketed properly. I really don’t see a future for a lot of them so that’s why I had to narrow this down to the best for that I could come up with so I’m just to go through these four right now and try to get the points but like I said you’ve got to go back to my website and always be keeping an eye on the freshest data to answer this question. I have a page specifically geared towards this comparison charts for each of these different page builders on how to use them and what are the new developments with them.


So first let’s take a look at element tour now you might not have heard of Elementorit is a free front-end page builder and I’m sure in the future actually I know for fact in the future they are going to come out with the paid version of it.

It’s actually only a few months old and I’m not being hypocritical by adding this to the list because their user base has skyrocketed their feature set his just matured it is moving at a fast pace it’s amazing. What Elementor is doing  is amazing for a free page builder in fact I’m 99% sure my next done for you template is can be based off of elementor because if you’re looking for a free front end page builder this is the very best option. It has a tableting system in their fugue and it has built-in templates you can import and export. It has mobile specific editing and it’s just amazing what they’ve done with it and it’s full featured. They have literally the most aggressive marketing team out there they are really good at getting the word out. They got a huge user base overnight and I bet in time this will be one of the top if not the number one free front-end page builder so right now. I’m declaring Elementor is the best most full-featured and reliable free front-end page builder and that is Elementor below just amazing what they’ve done.



Next I have to talk about Divi. Divi is a page builder built by elegant themes and it had always been was known as a backend page builder and that’s why Provident talk about a whole lot but a few days ago they release version 3 and they been working on that for a while and it’s a whole new front and page building experience and is pretty amazing to look at.

I’ll show you just briefly that front end user experience right now but some of the pluses with elegant themes is a huge development community behind it and anything you want to know how to do there’s many different places to ask they are not going anywhere huge advancements in what they’redeveloping with Divi antiquity also has some very unique features like AB. That is the only page builder with a AB split testing built into it so if you are concerned or wanting higher conversion rates on your website will that’s something that they are the only ones that have it a split testing AB.

Testing engine built into the page builder and I think it’s pretty darn amazing that they have that they just released as a bran new user interface on the front and it’s gorgeous. They hate Divi with a passion and depending on who you ask.

Anyone new to WordPress and front-end page building is going to have a learning curve no matter how you look at it no matter how you cut it there’s going to be a learning curve and I tried to help people.


Beaver Builder

The next front-end page builder to talk about is Beaver Builder and you need to go through this learning curve to understand the front-end page builder.

When you ask these WordPress purists their opinion on Divi another one is behind the scenes Divi is creating something called shortcodes and what that means is this notion of Divi for life meaning you can’t change and stop using Divi because your website will be a mess. Because there’s numerous solutions on the Internet a little code you can drop in and although shortcodes are cleaned out and your have the same content just put right there. That is actually one of the things people like about Beaver Builder’s when you deactivating choose not use Beaver Builder your content still there and you can’t move away from it your have the same workload with any of these page builders if you decide to stop using them and go on to a different one. So I personally think that a bunch of baloney now there could be some some legitimacy with the shortcodes actually some having your website run a little bit slower.
However there is excellent caching solutions hosting solutions and if a webpage takes an extra three or 4 ms to load because you’re using Divi is really not that big of a deal and there have been studies that I’ve seen on the Internet with the different page builders comparison speed test.

And will be a little difference between them speed wise no matter what wordpress page builder you use your going to need to use caching you’re going to need to optimize it or do you need to minify you need to do all these things to get it to run at optimal speed anyway. So I’m not so convinced on that argument either now I did hear it,  if you have a really big site with Divi that it’s just gonna run slower I think I’ll see that when I believe it I’m not saying that that’s not the case but what I am saying is for what most people want a WordPress website for maybe 10 or 20 pages. Debbie’s fantastic option so here’s their announcement page oh Divi it’s probably the best of value in WordPress.

The pricing is so attractive and inviting you can even get a lifetime license. You’re not paying a fee every single year and it’s a great value so I want your site right here and just show you real quick with the new interface looks like there’s a button near that you can click on and you could try the new interface for yourself so you know your way around. If you want to undo something you can click on this and you can revert back they’re such great things that you can do and this is probably the fastest front-end page building experience that I’ve seen so you can just click on some text like this and start typing away. You got your editing options and you can move things around now like I said this just came out answers can be lots of refinements to it but if you are coming from a different page builder this might seem might seem a little out of place. I know I’m 40 years old and at 30 you could give me a brand-new cell phone and I can learn it in using a guide. I’m 40 if you take my iPhone away and give me an android phone it will feel uncomfortable and out of place, but I think it boils down to with the new interface and I think it’s a pretty good in time will tell how good this really is.


Drive Content Builder

What I want us to look at right right is Drive content builder. Content builder has lots of pros and cons, with it okay it was one of the best first generation of front-end page builders. Actually that shouldn’t scare you I think they kind of pioneered the concept really I mean they were the first page builder and that I’d ever seen that had a true flat front-end editing page experience and this was back in 2014 just a few years ago now.

They are one of the first and now there’s a different twist to the Thrive Content builders more kind of geared towards marketing so alot of their elements there really geared towards marketers and ultimately most websites were marketing ourselves our website our product or business re-marketing.
And that’s kind of the twists and turns that thrive, the builder’s strengths are in and one of the most unique features of it is it has a landing page feature where you can create a new page. They’ve got about well over 100 templates built in it they keep adding new templates to these landing page packs is pretty amazing the value that they give you with it no just quickly scroll down so here’s what the editor looks like.

But I want to comment on their editor hero soon as those really one of the first what you see is what you get editing experiences is a very mature and is packed with features that are marketing related and I love it. I actually use this on all of my sites that I might use one of the other page builders on and is usually because of this unique landing page feature. These unique marketing elements that it has now when I was talking about each of these page builders being in a different stage of development I can tell you I’m allowed to tell you that’s right content builder is being redeveloped from the ground up now soon to come out with version 1.

Then when they come out with version 2 the whole interface is good to be redone and simplified so one of the complaints I’ve heard about the right content builder is that it’s a little complicated to work with well they’re well aware of that and they are simplifying it and they’re redesigning the user interface. And that’s one of things I like about this whole page builder war yet elements were putting pressure on companies like Thrive content builder to update their UI and make it better. I personally am a big fan of the Thrive content builder and a lot of the things that they are doing I use them personally you’ll see them being used on all of my websites. The pricing for Drive copy builder is very attractive they have one time fee that get you one year support the lifetime of updates which is a really unique feature to them.

That all the other ones don’t have a lot of your typical WordPress pricing is you either get it for lifetime which is not a good practice or you get a one-year of updates of one year support and if you want anything beyond that year you have to pay for it.
They’re constantly adding new features but you’re not going to get support after that year you have to pay some nominal fee if you want support and I think that is a more upfront reasonable way to go for any WordPress product. I understand why they do it the way they do it for revenue and keeping it up to date. What I want to say that about content builder you can use with anything but it doesn’t fully integrate with themes when talking about it.

If I had to build a website for someone for business use Beaver Builder if the business needed landing pages I’ve ever will likely might also include dry content builder on that site so I can quickly crank out landing pages for them that’s my answer.  I honestly I need to play around with that. I need to try to build a full website with it and I intend on doing that and also releasing a full article on it in coming weeks to help people get through that initial learning curve with Beaver Builder.

Now Elementor if I had no budget and I had no money to buy a website theme or by a website page on WordPress page builder Elementor is the way to go and I don’t know what the future really holds for Elementor I know there in a happy paid version.

I don’t even think anything can stop them with Divi I really need to dig into it and I’m just being transparent I’m not in a rush to do judgment on Divi and say it’s crap or it’s service that I don’t know where to click in this and the other because I really need to know how to use Divi  and to build a full website with Divi. That’s what I’ll be doing here soon over the next few months. so I hope I gave you enough information to make the decision for yourself.

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