Web Development : What is jQuery ?


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Q1 .) Jquery : what is jQuery ?
Ans 1 .) jQuery is javaScript library , library means huge javascript file which contains functions , methods and this library (jQuery) is used for DOM(Document Object Model) manipulation . In order to use javaScript in our webpages we use DOM manipulation .

Q2.) Why People use jQuery ?
Ans 2.) People use jQuery because it contains predefined functions and methods which is good for rapid development .

Q3.) Should you learn jQuery ?
Ans 3.) Yes because it is easy but powerful .

Q4.) Should you learn jquery and skip javascript ?
Ans 4.) NO NO NO , you should learn javascript first .

Q5.) Why javascript is important ?
Ans 5 . ) Because javascript is everywhere in web development .
For example in frontend there are js based technologies like React , angular , vue.js
In backend there are js based technologies like Node(runtime environment), express , ejs etc etc .

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