Top Micro-sized JavaScript Libraries


A developers list of microsized javascript libraries compiled by Ivan Brezhnev of GBKSoft:


Size: 2.58kB

Developed by: Dustin Diaz, Jacob Thornton

Let’s start with all-time classics. Qwery is a modern classic. It is a selector engine developed on top of querySelectorAll, allowing you to select elements with CSS1, 2, 3 selectors. Oh, and it is super fast!

By using Qwery as a selector engine it is suggested pair it with such DOM modules as Bonzo and Bean.


Size: 0.6 kB

Developed by: Jarno Keskikangas

It is a client-side template engine that can be applied in jQuery. Its only function is map JSON object to DOM element. It doesn’t require to write loops by hand. It needs no {{foo}} or <%=foo%> assignments. Just call .render(data) and get needed id, class and data-bind.


Size: 0.2 kB

Developed by: Fabien O’Carroll

For all those moments when you need to apply some stuff on the certain event and need a simple listen on/off switch.


Size: 1.4 kB

Developed by: Dustin Diaz

A browser detector for all those moments when there are no features to look for.

Bower is a great alternative that we use science jQuery browser was removed in 1.9 version. We should admit that this is an old-fashioned way to check such old-fashioned info as browser version. But it is tested, reliable and works with mobile versions as well.

BTW. There’s always a Modernizr as another well-known alternative.


Size: 1.1 kB

Developed by: Marcus Westin

For good or for bad, but cookies has its own limitations. If you want to be supported by every browser you should limit your cookies by 4093 bytes per domain. Store.js overcomes this constraint.

The library writes data into userData, globalStorage, and localStorage wrapper instead of cookies, which provides a cross-browser persistent storage library. Store.js works with any browser, including IE 6, 7.

The library is well-maintained and constantly upgraded with new features. The recent update brought additional features like expirations, default values, common array/object operations, etc. Simply priceless.

Smoothie Charts

Size: 2.8 kB

Developed by: Joe Walnes and Drew Noakes

Whether you’re building a website for traders, fitness app or a social app for fishers, you may need to integrate a line graph. There is something mesmerizing about graphs, that makes everybody want them on their website.

This simple and unbreakable library is made exactly for such purposes. Basically, Smoothie Charts has only two advantages, but they are solid and undeniable – streams live and makes it really smooth!


Size: 0.7 kB

Developed by: Chase Hutchins

This is the simplest and lightest password strength testing script we’ve found so far. With a weight of 0,7 kB, this library boasts a clean code structure and can be applied either as a standalone module or jQuery plugin (version 1.7 and higher).

In addition, Pass-meter has an inbound set of dumb passwords like “qwerty” that can be rejected automatically. This particular feature comes in handy once you develop an enterprise web app which should meet high-security standards.


Size: 1.3 kB

Developed by: Jake Gordon

You may guess from the name this a library for making a finite state machine. The lightest one we’ve found. The best application of this library lies in game development, but you can use it for whatever project you’re working on.


Size: 1.9 kB

Developed by: Brad Birdsall

Two containers, one function, and just a few styles. That is all you need in order to apply accurate, pixel-to-pixel mobile slider inside your project. The best library that works with any mobile device you can add on the go.


Size: 1.2 kB

Developed by: Jorge Bucaran

A promising little library for those who want to develop a top-tier browser-based app but don’t want to learn a new programming language.

Thing to Mention

This list can be expanded with new libraries and thus will become obsolete the day published. Don’t judge it too harsh, please. Hope you found new JavaScript libraries and wish they will serve well for your projects.


Ivan is working in GBKSOFT for almost 3 years and has extensive experience in wide array of technologies including PHP and JavaScript. He’s always there to save the day for programmers who have spent days trying to figure out a problem. He’s also up to challenges and any innovations he considers to be useful.

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