sPlayer : Super HTML5 Music Player


sPlayer is pushing HTML5 to the limit, it’s almost certainly the first HTML5 music player of it’s kind, Making it the most feature-rich JavaScript Audio library.It also allows you to create a Cross-platform HTML5 Music Desktop App with powerful capabilities.

  • Pure HTML5: Taking advantage of HTML5 power and speed, No Flash, just pure HTML5.
  • Playlist: Multiple playlists support.
  • Audio Controls: Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Seekbar, loop, duration, current time.
  • Radio / Live Stream: Radio / Live Stream Remote URLs / Broadcasts such as SHOUTcast and Icecast are also supported.
  • Multiple Audio Formats: MP3, OGG, OGA, AAC, M4A and MP4.
  • HTML5 Desktop App Ready: Build powerful HTML5 Music Desktop app with sPlayer and Electron.io (Atom-shell) / NW.io (Node-webkit).
  • Live Search: Built-in Instant search to find a specific song in your playlists.
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