Why WordPress is the Best for Small Business Websites?


Why WordPress is the Best for Small Business Websites

Let’s see some stats:

12 million websites across the entire internet

>25% of market share among all content management systems (while Joomla, Drupal, or anything else are left at 1-2% tops)

An open-source platform built with input from awesome developers across the World

Here’s a graph showing how top million websites use WordPress:

For those of you who hate numbers: WordPress is the most popular content management system on the internet right now, and most websites use it to power their online business portals.

Here’s why:

1. Inexpensive

WordPress.org is open-source (meaning free): You can download, install, use, and modify this platform in any way you want, without additional headache of white-labels and branding.

A self-hosted WordPress website is completely yours (all ‘WordPress’ indicators can be easily hidden/removed) and really inexpensive to start. Even without professional WordPress developers doing the heavy-lifting, you can start your own blog/website on any shared server at dirt-cheap prices, literally.

2. Easy to Learn and Manage

In every version upgrade rolled out by WordPress since its origin, the key focus is user-friendliness.

You’ll find that being the admin of a self-hosted WordPress website is no more difficult than having a social media profile: You can add content, post, you get a feed, you can customize the way it looks (like Twitter lets you do), and add some fun widgets and cool plugins for added features.

The learning curve is a joy-ride; the admin panel is clean, intuitive, and easy-to-use. Version updates are automatic, themes and plugins can be managed easily from the admin interface. Any edits you make are applied without much hassle.

You’ll become a pro in no time.

3. Easy Customizations

Whether your business is niche or more widely-used, you will find everything you need to make your website fit your needs.

There are hundreds of thousands of really amazing industry-specific, well-categorized themes available for a couple of bucks. There are plugins for any functionality imaginable. There are WordPress development services which can turn WordPress into a full-fledged framework you can use as a rock to build your entire online empire on.

You can find great solutions at any budget: readymade or bespoke, as long as you remain realistic.

4. SEO-friendly

Even Matt Cutts (go on, look him up on Google) endorses WordPress for being search-engine friendly. In his own Words, from WordCamp 2009, “WordPress takes care of 80-90% of (the mechanics of) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”.

This comes from WordPress’ huge arsenal of anti-spam plugins (see Akismet, WP-SpamShield AntiSpam, etc.), the Permalinks Settings feature, the endlessly tweak-able Titles/URL/Content (via post revisions), and SEO-powering plugins like Yoast which take of the rest make any WordPress installation unbeatable.

The only challenge is learning to use it. WordPress will give you more tools for online marketing success than you could ever want.

5. Scalable and Versatile

WordPress scales with you.

Recent upgrades in API notwithstanding, WordPress has always been infinitely versatile (as demonstrated by the glorious showcase with luminaries like Walt Disney website, Bata, Sony Music, BBC America, and thousands more) using it for their websites. And now that it’s becoming a complete framework which is even easier to integrate with 3rd party management software for purposes of ERP, CRM, lead generation, analytics, etc. you’re only limited by your server space and the competency of your WordPress developers to become the next big thing.

The Upshot

After reaching a fan following of 12 million live websites, it’s not a bandwagon or fad anymore, if it ever was to start with. WordPress is a phenomenon.

Leverage it proudly.

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