PivotTable.js : JavaScript Pivot Table, Chart, Grid Library


PivotTable.js is a Javascript Pivot Table library with drag’n’drop functionality built on top of jQuery/jQueryUI and originally written in CoffeeScript by Nicolas Kruchten at Datacratic.

Why is it good?

  • lightweight: the core (without chart support) is a single file with less than 1000 LOC of CoffeeScript, compiles down to 6.3kb of Javascript minified and gzipped, depends only on jQuery and jQueryUI’s ‘sortable’
  • works wherever jQuery and jQueryUI work (tested with jQuery 1.8.3 and jQueryUI 1.9.2)
  • works acceptably fast in Chrome on commodity hardware up to around a hundred thousand records, depending on the cardinality of the attributes.
  • UI is localizable
  • layered architecture allows for summary table generation with or without the pivot table UI around it (if you don’t use the UI, then there is no dependency on jQueryUI)
  • works with common input formats
  • derived attributes can be created on the fly based on the whole input record by passing in a function
  • complex aggregation functions can compute values based on the whole input record (e.g. weighted averages)
  • built-in support for basic heatmap and bar chart renderers, and optional extra renderers that add charting or TSV export support
  • extension points allow aggregation functions, table output, UI and visualizations to be tailored to specific applications
  • works on mobile devices with jQuery UI Touch Punch
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