Impact of Web Design on Content Marketing


Content marketing is a process of creating and promoting high-quality content on the web, attract a huge mass of existing/potential customers and eventually increasing the number of sales/leads. Digital marketing professionals use different types of content to promote websites and blogs, such as How-to guides, Whitepapers, Videos, Q&A, Quizzes, Editorials/ Op-eds, Lists, ebooks, Webinars, Surveys, Podcasts, Interviews, etc.

The success of your content marketing largely depends on your website design. A well-designed website with lots of quality content can perform well and bring more business opportunities to entrepreneurs. On the other hand, if your site’s design is outdated or flawed, even the best quality content doesn’t perform well as per your expectations.

So, what are the web designing factors that impact your content marketing factors? Let’s find out.

  1. Improve Your Site’s Appearance

Tech-savvy individuals judge websites and blogs quickly. Within a few seconds

after landing on a website, they create a perception about it and take an instant decision accordingly. If your website is visually appealing and professional, they love to read its content and take the desired action. In case, your site looks ugly, they leave it immediately and find its alternative.


So, you must consult a web-design firm/individual web designer and ask them to make your site look attractive and professional. Here are some basic web design tips you must implement-

  1. Design & Color

The first step to make your website look attractive to choose the color combination carefully. It catches visitor’s attention and encourages them to engage with your brand. Nearly 84.7% customers agree with the fact that color is the primary reason as to why they engage with a particular brand. So, depending on your specific needs, you must use colors carefully. Make sure that the color pattern is uniform throughout your website.

  1. Pictures And Graphics

Pictures and graphics play an important role towards the success of your website and content marketing both. You should upload quality pictures and add the necessary graphics to it. Don’t steal pictures from other websites. Just click images yourself and hire a professional photographer for the same purpose.

  1. Make Your Website Load Faster

People like to visit faster websites so that they can easily find the desired information and services. All prominent search engines look for fast loading websites or web pages to help visitors find the required info easily. Individuals will not visit your website and read its content if it takes a significant amount of time to load. Slower websites disappoint visitors and they will not visit such sites in the future.

So, you should make your website as fast as you can. Just choose a simple and straightforward website design and structure. Avoid unnecessary extensions/plugins, commercial advertisements, Popups, etc. All these things will make your website or its pages to load quickly on all devices. It will increase the consumption of the site’s content greatly and will provide you several chances of lead generation.

  1. Make Your Website Mobile-friendly

Due to the growing use of different mobile devices for internet browsing, entrepreneurs and website owners need to make their sites responsive to all mobile devices. It is also an important factor to help websites rank well in Google’s SERP. A mobile responsive website is displayed prominently (accompanied by the latest SEO) in search results when visitors access it on different mobile devices.

Therefore, you should take your website to the mobile platform. You can do it yourself if you have a good command over different programming languages and website building skills. If you run WordPress websites, use WordPress plugins to make them mobile-friendly. There are several web development firms that can help you in this regard.

Once your website starts to appear well on all mobile devices, you see a sharp boom in content consumption. To facilitate mobile visitors, just keep the content concise and straightforward.

  1. Smooth Navigation Path

The usability of a website and content consumption depends on how easily visitors can navigate your website. In fact, website navigation is just like a road map to your website. It helps visitors to navigate the site easily and read the available content in different categories. If your website’s navigation is complex or confusing, it is possible that visitors will visit its internal pages and go away from the home screen.

So, you should keep your website navigation path simple and straightforward. It will allow visitors to use your website easily and read/share its content in maximum numbers.

  1. Search Bar

When a website becomes old, it has a huge cache of content in different categories. There are many visitors that don’t want to go through numerous pages of your website to find the desired info, products, and services.

Therefore, you should attach a search bar at the top of your website. It will allow visitors to type specific terms/keywords in the search bar and get the matching results for the same. It not only improves the overall usability of the site content but also helps you to increase sales and tackle the problem of high bounce rate up to a great extent.

  1. Automatic Content Suggestion

Did you ever visit a website that automatically suggests you to read the related content? If yes, then implement this technique on your as soon as possible. It will help you to encourage visitors to spend more time on your site, read all useful content and give you some business opportunities.

Ask web developers to make the necessary changes in website design and structure so that it can show the related content automatically. If you run WordPress websites, just use the Related Posts Plugins to display the related content to visitors based on their current entries.

  1. Eliminate UX/UI Issues ASAP

Always remember that UX/UI issues related to your website repel visitors away. Displeased visitors develop a negative perception about your website and they don’t visit it again. Furthermore, they spread negativity about it. So, you must get your website reviewed by an expert web development company/individual web developer and eliminate all UX/UI problems ASAP. This will increase the end results of your content marketing efforts and you will be able to grab more chances for the lead generation.

Takeaway Idea:

Web design plays a significant role in content marketing. Just follow the above-mentioned web design practices and get the desired success in your content marketing efforts.

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