Impact of Technology on Social Life


It’s true that with the growth of technology we had this understanding that there will be now gain of new cultures trade. Throughout the world socialization with our friends, siblings and loved ones will no more be an obstacle as faced previously. We could strengthen our bonds with those we care i.e. the ease of being available 24/7.

With technology we are able communicate and contact our loved ones more easily, effectually and face no barrier keeping in mind the time zone they are located in. This has led to more successful relationships for technology has consequently left no room for miscommunication and misunderstanding.

In today’s world, where our society is on a peak of social revolution feeling an irresistible urge to be part of the global world. We are all seeking to know what’s going on in the other part of the world, not just do we want to be aware of what is happening around us but we actively seek participation in voicing our opinions through discussion polls and online forums.

Statistics have shown that this global phenomenon has resulted to an eruption of virtual communities, social networking sites and many other communication tools and platform where people sharing similar characteristics or interests have discussions, communications where they share their thoughts and opinions be it their personal, professional or general issues prevailing worldwide.

This has led to more ethos growth and understanding among people universally which has bought solutions to many issues, problems that were hidden previously due to geographical obstructions or taboos. One can say that technology has indeed had a lot of effect on our social life and social status.

In previous times it was not possible for any of us to be connected to our old school mates but through these social networking sites we are able to connect with them through these networking sites i.e. Facebook, twitter etc.

Therefore, while we are busy with our own complex busy routine life, these social networking platform has enabled us to be somehow feel part of their (people) lives.

It’s true that through technology, the concerns associated with being geographically isolated from our loved ones has been resolved quite favorably and now distance and time, no longer serve as being a barrier to maintain and build new relationship globally.

However, one should be well aware that these socially accepted trends have also had a negative and positive effect on our lives what I mean to state is that each technological era has its dark side too.

No doubt technology has made our lives easier and in many ways improved our standard of living i.e. that it has helped us connect and communicate globally, but it has also not failed to destroy us socially too.

It’s like we are close physically but are poles apart emotionally. There is more quantity in having more social interactions without a pinch of quality communications in it. Not to forget more fakeness and less reliability in whom we are dealing with.

This reminds me of a famous saying by Albert Einstein, i.e.:


What I need us to be aware of is that technology can also make us slaves of social behavior if it’s not controlled or utilized effectively which can have a dreadful effect on our day to day interactions with people close to us that could make us feel overly stressed, distracted and frustrated leading to depression caused by isolation.

It’s very common to see how technology in shape of smartphones, social networking sites has replaced meaningful relationships to status symbols for the social world, which means that there is less intimacy and understanding among spouses or relationships. Also, another defect of the social network is that there are more chances for spouses to cheat their significant other which often results to break ups or divorces.

Not has this effected our personal lives but technology also have had a major impact on our professional life too for it has become a prevalent phenomenon for employers to keep strictness or ban social networking sites at the workplace.

People have been fired from their jobs due the excessive usage of social networking and have also been pressurized to limit their social networking behaviors.

According to research the most destructive behaviors observed by individuals globally which has affected their mental growth is Narcissism-excessive interest in one’s appearance leading to self-obsession has been observed through these social network sites.

In conclusion, I would just like to state that each technologically tool will certainly have his impact on us (positive or negative) but one need not to forget that in the end it’s up to us how we make use of it in the best possible way and let us affect us.

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