How to Add Google Analytics Code to WordPress (NEW Guide 2016)


Today I’m gonna be talking about how to install Google Analytics on your WordPress website.

Ok so for those of you who aren’t familiar with Google Analytics it’s basically a free tool that will measure the performance of your website.

Google Analytics Dashboard

This is of course completely optional however I highly recommend that you do install it on your WordPress website because it can tell you exactly what people are looking for in your website, how much time they’re spending on your website, where they’re coming from, and a whole bunch of other things.

Basically data that you’re gonna wanna know about.

So without further ado let’s go ahead and get started.

Now currently I have a free WordPress theme installed here, now when it comes to having a free WordPress theme there is no easy way to sort of install tracking codes like Google Analytics but what you have to do is install a specific plugin that will help you have that ability to easily install a tracking codes like Google Analytics.

If you however have a premium WordPress theme it’s a little bit easier, that’s one of the reasons why I have actually opted in for a premium WordPress theme.

So let me just quickly show you how easy it is with a premium WordPress theme.

So here we are in my main website, currently here I have the Genesis WordPress theme from StudioPress you want to know more about them out link under the Description box but basically they’ve made my life so much easier because it’s just sort of a one-step thing when installing tracking codes with Genesis WordPress themes.

So basically I just go here under theme settings and look for this particular spot called the header and footer scripts and I will just copy and paste the code here and hit save settings and that’s all you need to do and  that’s I’ve opted in for a premium WordPress theme.

It will be different for each premium WordPress theme but just in general for Genesis this is how it’s been set up.

So I wanna just go ahead and go back now to the test website so like I had mentioned earlier. You need to install a plugin to have that ability to install tracking codes so what you wanna do is go under plugins, the plugin that you’re going to need is called insert headers and footers, and to get that all you do is hit on add new, look for it and here we are just have it installed but this is the plugin that you need to have.

Insert Header and Footer

Ok so once you have it installed your gonna wanna go under settings and insert headers and footers and here we are.

So this is where right here scripts and header, this is where you’re going to install the Google Analytics code.

So now you need to do is copy and paste the code and place it here.

So let’s go to my Google Analytics.

Here we are, all we need to do just copy this code, go back and paste here, quite simple.

Insert Headers and Footers

Hit the save button and you’re all done.

And that’s all you need to pretty much do when you want to install Google Analytics into your WordPress website, pretty simple right.

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