getTable: jQuery Plugin for easy getting Table Cells


Simple jQuery Plugin for retrieving table cell positions – based on  horizontal line, vertical line (or both) that pass through the target cell.

  • getTable gets the horizontal line (row) and the vertical line (col) of the table. And it gets cells that are positioned on those lines. The handling cells that are positioned on the horizontal line is supported by <tr> HTML tag, but the vertical line is not supported by the HTML.
  • The cells that are extended by colspan/rowspan are parsed correctly. More lines pass through the extended cells (i.e. those cells catch more cells), and those cells are positioned on more lines (i.e. those cells are caught by more cells).
  • The horizontal line (row) and the vertical line (col) are discerned. getTable returns a jQuery object (or Array of those), therefore you can do anything you want to those.
  • The table is parsed via DOM, it’s fast, correct, and thee data is cached.


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