All About The Flaws Of jQuery


JQuery is the most preferred JavaScript library for cross browser compatibility. It provides a very user friendly framework for creating interactive web applications, templates and scripts. The popularity of it lies in its flexibility and in some cases it also brings user-friendly features. It is the best choice for website designers for the perfect web application development.

However, there are certain flaws of it that also hinder the usage of jQuery on the sites. There are certain flaws that make your work difficult if you want to use this on the websites. Thus, we shall discuss the flaws of jQuery in detail.

The first flaw of jQuery is that it uses local data of the webpage to store the object instead of using a global data. This is true for the most of the time, when you are using it. But there are some exceptions where you can use it globally without any side effects. You can store a local object to save memory space.

The second flaw of jQuery is that the option of does not exist for it. The window method is used instead. This can easily be used by third party scripts that do not require any level of access. The result is that you may have to modify some of your code if you want to use this. This can lead to trouble in the long run as well.

The second flaw of jQuery is that it forces its objects to read only from the event stream. This is a fact that makes jQuery unable to read other objects. If you want to use some other objects such as Document.all, then you will be forced to rewrite the codes to use them.

The third flaw of jQuery is that it forces scripts that do not support the non-standard scripts to load from the document. You can find a number of interesting websites on the Internet that allow you to change the scripts that are not supported by the browser.

When you use jQuery to create some scripts, it can be a challenge to make some common sense out of it. Some of the JavaScript code that you can use can be not readable for the web developers. So, it is necessary to look for some code that can help you understand how jQuery works.

One more thing that can be said about jQuery is that it is a wonderful utility for all those websites that use JavaScript to make the scripts functional. However, there are some flaws that make its usage difficult.

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