3 Easy Ways to Use jQuery


jQuery is a really cool, versatile and easy to use library for building sites. All it takes is one click and you are able to change the look and feel of your page. You can then move on to adding some other cool features that will make your page much more engaging and more user friendly. Take a look at these three easy tips to get started with using jQuery in your HTML.

Using jQuery will ensure that all the anchor tags are working properly on your page. Each time the user clicks on an anchor tag, they will be taken to the appropriate section of the page. It’s very important that all anchor tags are working properly because when the user goes back to the site they will find that it has been very attractive. It can also lead to saving them having to go through the various other tags just to get back to the content.

Linkages are very important for a good looking page but they do not have to be a major part of your page. Some of the best websites I have seen only use two or three links but still maintain a nice looking page. By using linkages you are providing the user with information on what they want to see. Then you are letting them know that you care enough about their experience to provide them with a link that provides you with this information.

Well of course this does not always have to be an addition but it can help. Using a ‘modal’ can add a little bit of more interactivity to your page. We all know how frustrating it can be to keep trying to close a window when it keeps going out of focus.

When you add your interactive parts to your page, they are not going to always come at the end of the block. They are going to show up at the beginning and the end of the page. This is why the anchor tags are so important.

Using colors in your website can also be really fun and also add a great deal of functionality. If you have a ‘pop-up’ button, you may want to add a little bit of animation to it. Also, if you have large buttons that you need to load quickly in your eyes, you can use those small HTML tags. The advantage here is that it will always work for your page.

Once you learn all of these features, it will not take long to get started with your own page. Of course, if you don’t have any HTML knowledge you can always hire someone to help you. This is something that I highly recommend as you will be able to work with someone who knows how to use the features properly.

So take a look at the list above and start to incorporate a little bit of jQuery into your site today. Not only will you be able to add some features but you will be able to increase the functionality of your site as well.

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