A jQuery plugin to use object based video instead of html5 tags
xhtml-video intends to be an accessible, lightweight and a design-agnostic video player for xhtml. The main purpose of this project was to offer a way to use video player capabilities of modern browsers on xHtml documents
It’s simple, accessible and can be used with strict xHtml pages.
How to use it
In a web page, just include jquery.js then the jquery.xhtml-video.js file.
xhtml-video is intended to be applied on object tags.
Here is an example:


download this video

download this video

So here is the deal:

If the browser is able to read the file by itself, object tag is replaced by an img tag. One click on the image will play the video, an other click will pause it.
If the browser can’t read it by itself but has a plugin to do that… it will probably launch it.
If the browser can’t read the file, it will download it. So you can read it in your favorite media player

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