Simple Vimeo API jQuery Plugin
An easy way to control Vimeo videos using standard jQuery event structure and methods.
You can check out the entire repo, or download the latest release below (production files are in the dist folder):
jQuery Vimeo API v0.10.3 (zip)
jQuery Vimeo API v0.10.3 (tar.gz)
You can also link directly to the file using MaxCDN.

Make sure to include this plugin’s .js file after jQuery library. Use the minified version in dist folder for best performance.
This plugin works with iframe Vimeo embeds only. You can target the iframe using any normal jQuery CSS conventions, but often it’s easier to put an id attribute on the iframe to target it specifically.
Multiple videos
For multiple videos, it is recommended to include a query string to the end of the URL of your video with the variables api=1, and player_id=[unique_name] for each video, like so: