Player 56s
Player 56s is simple in use web audio-player with a playlist, responsive design
and ability to enable minimalistic view mode.
Player 56s was made for an international art community and a record label and published as open-souce with
the permission of the company.
Player 56s based on Jouele web player
by Ilya Birman and Evgeniy Lazarev. I have been inspired by simplicity and style
of their project. Thank you guys.
Demo page.
Dependencies and testing
Application requires jQuery
and jPlayer.
Has been tested with jQuery from v1.9.0 to v3.1.1
and jPlayer from v2.5.0 to 2.9.2.
Platforms and browsers support the same as jPlayer.. in theory. 🙂

Do not forget to put player56s_sprite.png file to the same directory
where ‘player56s.css’ placed.
via Bower
bower install player-56s

via npm
npm install player-56s

Single track
Just add anchor tag with class ‘player56s’ to page html, put audio file url
to the ‘href’ attribute and add track title in tag content. It will become
a default player without playlist.
Ilya Birman – News

You can place author name to the track title with dividing it from track name
by minus (-) or medium dash (—).
Several tracks
You can add several tracks to one player. Add to two or more anchors atrribute
‘rel’ with the same value. It will become one player with ability to switch
Yellowhead – Vests Must Be Used
Yellowhead – Cabin Pressure

Minimalistic view
Swich player to the minimalistic view with adding ‘minimal’ css class to the
anchor and attribute ‘data-length’ with length of track in format ‘M:SS’.

Idiosync – Atelier

It works only for single track.

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Commit your changes (git commit -am ‘Add some feature’)
Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
Create new Pull Request

Feel free to use code of the project as you want,
create issues
or make pull requests.
MIT License.

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