okayNav jQuery Plugin

You know how navigations have only a desktop and a mobile state, right? I thought, “this might cost people money because it requires additional click for users to reach even the most important pages.”
This navigation aims at progressively collapsing navigation links into an off-screen navigation instead of doing it for all the links at the same time. Check out this example:

Or play with it on CodePen.
How to Use
This is the code used in the example:


  • Home

  • Shop

  • Blog

  • Services

  • Contacts

  • About us

  • Testimonials


Include the CSS: Include the library:

And here’s the JS to initialize it:
var navigation = $(‘#nav-main’).okayNav();
okayNav depends on jQuery. Tested with jQuery 1.10+ but should work with lower versions.
The stylization of okayNav comes in a commented LESS and CSS.
Browser Support
okayNav supports IE9+, Firefox, Chrome. Transitions work in IE10+.
Default options
var navigation = $(‘#nav-main’).okayNav({    parent : ”, // will call nav’s parent() by default    toggle_icon_class : ‘okayNav__menu-toggle’,    toggle_icon_content: ‘‘,    align_right: true, // If false, the menu and the kebab icon will be on the left    swipe_enabled: true, // If true, you’ll be able to swipe left/right to open the navigation    threshold: 50, // Nav will auto open/close if swiped >= this many percent    beforeOpen : function() {}, // Will trigger before the nav gets opened    afterOpen : function() {}, // Will trigger after the nav gets opened    beforeClose : function() {}, // Will trigger before the nav gets closed    afterClose : function() {}, // Will trigger after the nav gets closed    itemHidden: function() {}, // Will trigger after an item moves to the hidden navigation    itemDisplayed: function() {} // Will trigger after an item moves to the visible navigation});
Open the off-screen part: navigation.okayNav(‘openInvisibleNav’);
Close the off-screen partnavigation.okayNav(‘closeInvisibleNav’);
Toggle the off-screen partnavigation.okayNav(‘toggleInvisibleNav’);
Recalculate what should be visible and what shouldn’t: navigation.okayNav(‘recalcNav’);
Get the nav’s parent element: navigation.okayNav(‘getParent’);
Get the nav’s visible part: navigation.okayNav(‘getVisibleNav’);
Get the nav’s off-screen part: navigation.okayNav(‘getInvisibleNav’);
Get the nav’s toggle icon: navigation.okayNav(‘getNavToggleIcon’);
Get the nav children’s total width: navigation.okayNav(‘getChildrenWidth’);
Destroy the nav, make everything visible, disable all events: navigation.okayNav(‘destroy’);
The following features will be implemented at the next versions:

AMD/CommonJS support
Multi-level navigation
Option to prioritize certain nav items
Option to hide or show all nav items instead of doing it progressively

Pull requests are appreciated.
Licensed under the MIT License.
Please use the GitHub issues for support requests. If you need someone to implement okayNav for you, hit me up at
Reintroduced throttling on window resize.

Flexbox is now optional; nav will work with floats too;
Resolved a bug when maximizing the browser.


Swipe actions are now available;
Swipe can be enabled or disabled;
You can adjust the threshold after which the swipe action will trigger;
Added extra callbacks;
Callbacks are now camelCased;
The beforeOpen/beforeClose callbacks now only trigger if swipe is disabled (for obvious reasons).

Scroll up to see the defaults for more information!
Resize events are now a lot more efficient
First public version
Tell me what you’ve created
Ping me on Facebook or Twitter. I’d definitely love to see what you’ve done with okayNav!
Many thanks to @Bloodb0ne for the enormous help with swipe actions!
Buy me a beer
I appreciate good beer and good coffee. If you find this plugin useful and want to say thanks, there’s no better way to do it. My PayPal is available below.

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