mbSlider 1.1.0
A flexibile slider system to create animated presentations.
Based on bxSlider by by: Steven Wanderski
Why should I use this slider?

Define timing for every slide
Define in (entering) and out (exiting) animations for every HTML element in the slide
Fully responsive – will adapt to any device
Horizontal, vertical, and fade modes
Slides can contain any HTML content
Callback API and public methods
Browser support: Modern Browser with fall back for ie8 and ie9.
Tons of configuration options

For complete documentation visit:
Released under the MIT license –
Let’s get on with it!
You must include the jQuery library. The simpliest way is to include it from a CDN (see the example below). Visit for a complete list of available versions.
Next, download the package from this site and link the mbSlider CSS file (for the theme) and the mbSlider Javascript file.

Create a

    element, with a

  • for each slide. Slides can contain any HTML content!   




Call .mbSlider() on