Super tiny jquery plugin for modal windows. JS size 1163 bytes minified, 643 bytes gziped.
Main Ideas

No images, iframes, etc. Only html content
Real modal window (no scrolling!)
CSS should be outside code
No build-in ajax functionality, but easy to use with ajax
No animation (it’s just a popups, not a fkng circus)
~1kb of gziped JS+CSS are enough for modal window plugin
No automate binding. It’s may be done by 1 line of code if needed
There may be more than one modal window. Supports nested windows.
Supports any browsers whitch jquery (1.7+) supports

Simple default way:
Open popup     Window contents

$(function() {    $(‘#some-link’).click(function() {        $(‘#popup’).m1k();        return false;    }); }); 
Or you can bind to any links with data attribute:
$(‘[data=target’).click(function() {            $($(this).data(‘target’)).m1k();    return false;}); 
so you can do this:
Open popup 
Or you can load any content:


It’s usefull for ajax:
 $.get(‘/some/url’, function(result) {       $(result).m1k();   }) 
List of options with default values:
id : ‘m1k’, // It’s a namespace. Append to every css class name
single: false, // Close other modal windows when open new window
esc: true, // Close window on esc
click: true, // Close window on click in back
close: ‘x’ // Close button contents. Can be null|undefined
There 3 ways to pass options:

defaults: $.m1k.default
direct: m1k({options})
data attributes: