jQuery Click Heatmap Plugin
This plugin appends a canvas at the end of the page and displays the user’s clicks on the selected element(s) on that canvas.
You should have npm package manager installed to install this plugin with the following command through your command line interface:
$ npm install jquery-heatmapOr you can download the plugin from the GitHub repo:
Or you can download the plugin from NPM’s website:
You can add the heatmap to your HTML page by simply adding the plugin path in a script tag like so:
After adding the plugin via the script tag you can use it in your HTML page by adding this between your script tags:
$(“h1”).heatmapElement();This will create a hidden heatmap of the selected element at the end of the page.
You can use different options to alter the default options to suit your needs as shown below:
$(“h1”).heatmapElement();$(“h1”).heatmapElement({“count”: 15});$(“h1”).heatmapElement({“disableCount”: true});$(“h1”).heatmapElement({“disableButton”: true});$(“h1”).heatmapElement({“refreshSpeed”: 1000});$(“h1”).heatmapElement({“resize”: 1.5});Options
Currently there are 5 configurable options in this plugin. They are:
count: 0,             // Sets the starting number for countingdisableCount: false,  // Enables/disables countingdisableButton: false, // Enables/disables the buttonrefreshSpeed: 300,    // The refresh speed of the shown count numberresize: 1,            // Multiplies the heatmap’s size with the given value
You can see a working example of this project here:

GitHub Repo