jQuery Face Detection Plugin

A jQuery/Zepto plugin to detect faces on images, videos and canvases to get theirs coordinates.
Importante note: This plugin uses an algorithm by Liu Liu.
Website and demo here:
Get started
Download the plugin with the method of your choice.

Download the last release manually

Or install it with Bower.
bower install jquery.facedetection

Or install it with NPM.
npm install jquery.facedetection

Include jQuery and the plugin.

Set a picture with some faces in your HTML page.

Apply the plugin to this image and get the face coordinates.

Returns an array of found faces object:

x — X coord of the face in the picture
y — Y coord of the face in the picture
width — Width of the face
height — Height of the face
positionX — X position relative to the document
positionY — Y position relative to the document
offsetX — X position relative to the offset parent
offsetY — Y position relative to the offset parent
scaleX — Ratio between original image width and displayed width
scaleY — Ratio between original image height and displayed height
confidence — Level of confidence


interval — Interval (default 4)

minNeighbors — Minimum neighbors threshold which sets the cutoff level for discarding rectangle groups as face (default 1)

confidence — Minimum confidence (default null)

async — Async mode if Worker available (default false). The async mode uses Workers and needs the script to be on the same domain.

grayscale — Convert to grayscale before processing (default true)

complete — Callback function trigged after the detection is completed
complete: function (faces) {
// …

error — Callback function trigged on errors
error: function (code, message) {
// …

GitHub Repo