This JS allows you to add removable sticky label (with cookie state check)into your form or web page.
This comes in handy if you want to show some informative or help text to your user which once they have read (by clicking Remove button)
, they should not be prompted to show the same text anymore.
Include the easy.stickypost.css and easy.stickypost.js after the jquery.js file.
Specify a data attribute data-stickyid=”xx” to any HTML object that you wants it to be Removable.
See demo/demo.html file for a simple demo. Some configuration can be done:

Specifying the Color (e.g. ‘color’: ‘orange’ as parameter)
Specifying your own Delete button. HTML support
Changing the Tooltip text when hover.
Specifying a label which is removable and Always show.

$(“#tips1”).stickypost({‘tooltip’: ‘alamak’,’pin’: ‘x‘});
‘tooltip’: ‘Click here to close it temporarily’,
‘pin’: ‘‘,
‘color’: ‘orange’

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The data-stickyid is used as cookie cache checking. Avoid using the same ID.

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